The Best Sushi You Have Ever Tasted!

This little hidden treasure of a restaurant in Wilmington has just reopened under a new ownership last week! We missed it so much over the past year. When I say a hidden treasure I really mean a hidden treasure. If you go to fast through Elsmere, you will not just get a speeding ticket but you will zip right past the little gem next to the fire hall set away from the road.
To our pleasure, the menu stayed almost the same. I wish I could spell the names of our favorites, but I am glad to pronounce them in Korean and make myself understood. The sushi is amazing, especially the Suraghan special roll that you can see in the photos. Brian loves the scallion and seafood pancake for an appetizer and what he calls "Sushi in a Bowl" from the Bi Bim Bop menu for his main course. I love the traditional vegetable and beef Bi Bim Bop with plenty of hot sauce. Of course you will get a lot of little bowl with things that you may not be able to identify to accompany your meal. We usually like most of them.
So give it a try!
Suraghan Restaurant
1203 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE

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