Student Teaching

I started student teaching at H.B. DuPont Middle at the beginning of January. The end of my studies is finally in sight! I jumped right in the second day teaching all five periods of seventh grade science. It has been a very rewarding experience full of personal growth. I have to say it is one of the most challenging things that I have done in my life so far.
The kids are great. We are studying the cell. I helped to design and execute two lessons so far. We pretended to be Crime Scene Investigators doing cheek swabs. We observed dyed epithelial cells under the microscope. The lesson was a great hit. My second lesson was an experiment demonstrating diffusion and osmosis. It was nice and messy and included a lot of steps.
I am looking forward to spreading the word about science for a couple more months.


Teddy's New Bed

Teddy and his brother Tiger tried to fit in the same bed, so we got Teddy his own and he loves it!

Photos from my iPhone


Walking Teddy

Lili and Maya love Teddy. Must be because they are about the same age and size!
We met for a walk and I had to set the timer every two minutes so that the girls could take turns walking Teddy.

Photos from my iPhone

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