Grey and Gunnar Slideshow

The Graham Pirates

We had so much fun taking photos with Grey and Gunnar last week. I couldn't believe that last time I met Christina at one of Jen's parties, she was single. A few years later, I was so excited when she asked me to document her family at their home.


Amanda looks great flying!

Katie & Stella Slideshow

These slideshows are so cool!


Katie & Stella

It was a pleasure to photograph Katie and Stella again this year. The shoot almost didn't happen. It started to drizzle, but we waited a few minutes and the sun peaked out and we were rewarded by a golden glow. The back light on the mushroom mist was amazing. Friends have asked how I did that. Pure luck, we were at the right spot at the right time.
Katie grew up so much in the past year. She was delighted to be able to splash in the water. The more fun the kids are having on a shoot the better the photos!


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