Photographing Soccer

I just love going to the kid's games especially when the weather is so nice and the light is perfect.
Check out Brian with all the boys' girlfriends in the background!

Anthony's Headshots 2

I photographed Anthony again for a different look. These are my two favorite shot.


The Rosenthals

We did a photoshoot with Scott and Jutta and the girls at Winterthur today. It was so much fun and the light was perfect.We did no posy photos what so ever, my favorite way to shoot.

Light Play


The Big Party

The annual party was a blast as usually. The food was yummy, especially Brian's world famous burgers. The Mojitos flew generously.
The new blackboard in the kitchen was a lot of fun. Amanda, Zack and Casey loved it as much as Lili.


Praha at Night

My favorite time to walk around the city is at night when all the tourists had left.
We captured these two photos on out first day.


Zack & Amanda's First Game

The season started again! Zack is playing soccer and Amanda is on the Varsity cheer leading team. Brian took all these photos last night.


Cervena Lhota

This little hunting castle is amazing. A little hard to find, so the tourists stay away. It sits in the middle of a man-made lake.

Horse Wagon Ride

One of my favorite moments of the trip had to be a ride around the village with our neighbor, Mr. Hroch and his new horse Brit. I remember them all. Minka was the first horse I ever rode when I was about 2! The ride was amazing and we learned a lot about the countryside and its history.

The credit for this photo goes to my dad.

My Favorite Photo from the Trip

This is my ever favorite photo from our trip to Czech. I am finally getting to editing all 3000 personal photos that we took. It is bringing back all the great memories and I will deffinitely be posting more images.

The credit for this photo goes to my sister Martina. Good job and thank you. This one is going up in the house.

Anthony's Headshots

Last night, a squirrel blew up the transformer and the whole street fell into darkness. Deprived of their TVs all the neighbors came out and the unfortunate event turned into an unofficial block party.

One of out neighbors is an actor, and he needed new head shots. Thanks to Brian being my spokesman at all times, Anthony had photos taken this morning. Who would guess that our alleyway has such great light. I hope that I won't be charged extra rent for using it as my studio!

The photos turned out great and fingers crossed that we will see Anthony in a movie or a show soon.

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