Lili Is 5!

She is a big girl now. Cake was delicious, especially the Boston cream inside and the frosting on top. Who eats the cake part anyway?
Later Zack and Maya enjoyed the trampoline and we all jumped in the pool.

Making Faces

Lili's Birthday Photo this year. She was having fun making faces at the camera.

Schofield Girls

Lucy and Catherine wore the most addorable dresses for their photos last week. The outfits reflected the girls' personalities very well. After a fun but hot hour I gave them a lolly pops. Catherine's first one. Happy Birthday!



Brian is really getting good at capturing sports. The surf was a bit rough this past weekend, but some of the local boys had a very good time.


Who would say that on our first morning of we would get up to watch the sunrise. We were the only people on the beach and it was really romantic.


Police Car Show

We saw an old police car show in front of the Dover Police Station on our way to the beach over the weekend and we coudn't help it but stop. It was a fun but long ride.


Dasie the Dog

Dasie must be the ugliest dog on the whole planet. She is so funny looking with her mahawk that she is cute. She is so sweet and gentle.

And this is what Dasie does to keep healthy 100+ years old - beer and exercise.



It was fun having the kids over for Brian's world famous burgers and some fish. Amanda came with her best friend Casey and Zack would not miss a home cooked meal for anything.


The Theory of Flight

The sea gulls fly so close to the ground! I was almost afraid that they would land on me if I fell asleep.

I Want to be a Rock Star Too

John Hedges and the Dover Allstars

It has bees quite a few years since Socco's passing. He was a great entertainer who surrounded himself with a lot of talented musicians. I haven't really enjoyed a concert since Socco times. But Johny the Musician put on an unbeliavable show during the John Hedges and the Dover Allstars concert at Rehoboth Beach.
A perfect setting made for perfect photos. If you want to see more make sure to check them out.


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