The Best Sushi You Have Ever Tasted!

This little hidden treasure of a restaurant in Wilmington has just reopened under a new ownership last week! We missed it so much over the past year. When I say a hidden treasure I really mean a hidden treasure. If you go to fast through Elsmere, you will not just get a speeding ticket but you will zip right past the little gem next to the fire hall set away from the road.
To our pleasure, the menu stayed almost the same. I wish I could spell the names of our favorites, but I am glad to pronounce them in Korean and make myself understood. The sushi is amazing, especially the Suraghan special roll that you can see in the photos. Brian loves the scallion and seafood pancake for an appetizer and what he calls "Sushi in a Bowl" from the Bi Bim Bop menu for his main course. I love the traditional vegetable and beef Bi Bim Bop with plenty of hot sauce. Of course you will get a lot of little bowl with things that you may not be able to identify to accompany your meal. We usually like most of them.
So give it a try!
Suraghan Restaurant
1203 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE

Drew & Ryan with Grandpa

The time came again to take photos of Drew and Ryan. I can't believe that Drew is four! I have been documenting the boys life at least once a year since Drew was born. Robin decided to convince Grandpa to come and take photos with the boys. Supposedly he didn't really want to do it, but the next day went shopping for shirts.
We went to old New Castle, because that is where Craig grew up. So his father walked down the pier with his grandsons just as he used to walk with his sons. How touching!
The boys were great as usually and Ry wanted to keep taking photos when all the gear was put away.


Kelli and I spent a few hours expanding her quilting business when I was in Vermont last week! We made so many different size, double sided doggie bandanas for her booth at the Farmers Market.
Teddy love wearing them.


The Tunel & The Ladder

Teddy has been going to Doggie school at the Wilmington Kennel Club and he loves it! I signed him up for agility since he listens well. So far he has learned to sit and stay even if tempted by a treat of other dogs running as well as roll over and stand up. He can retrieve toys. Not so sure about the ladder, but he LOVES the tunnel!


Tara's Bridal Shower

My friend Tara is getting married in August and Brian and I will be there to document the affair. We are looking forward to it as much as everyone else.
Tara's was the first Shower that I was ever able to attend since they are always on a Saturday when I am photographing weddings. It was a great get together, and seeing all the dishes and glassware we will all have to visit the newlyweds in Michigan next year so that they can use them all!
Can't wait for your big day!


Vermont 2

Here is a few images from my travels. Love the light this time of the year.


Vermont 1

I drove to Vermont over the weekend to see my friend Kelli. We had such a good time doing girl things. I hiked a few trails and drove around some back roads to photograph.

Kelli got her solar panels installed a few weeks ago. We were both checking the battery power to see how much energy the sun produced. Enough to keep the lights going till wee hours!

Who says there are no BEARS around. Pretty obvious bear claw right next to the trail.

Teddy climbed Putney Mountain.

Kallee and Teddy were instant friends, but Kallee wouldn't share her treasure stick that she found underneath the Hamilton Falls in Jamaica State Park.

What was he thinking trying to play with cows!

My friend Sara who I babysat when she was eight is all grown up. She lives on one of my favorite farms in Westminster West with a group of her friends. We went photographing together and it was so sentimental since it was her mom, Catherine who introduced me to photography eleven years ago! Check out her gallery in Brattleboro - Catherine Dianich Gallery.


My Graduation Party

We had to postpone my graduation party for a few weeks after the graduation so that I could have a free weekend. We celebrated the end of the journey with a Mexican Fiesta.
Everyone enjoyed tacos and tamales from El Sombrero in Avondale. Brian's famous nachos were also on the menu. Good thing that I decided to get some sombreros for the deck since it was almost 100 degrees! Not even Mojitos could keep us cool for long. Amanda designed a virgin strawberry drink that was rather tasty.
Thank you all for coming!

Jeff took this photo of Alison and Eric. They are engaged to be married in December. I can't wait to capture their special day on camera.

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