Miss A

Alex is growing like weeds. She walks, talks and sings. Her favorite word is definitely "NO". She was not too sure about snow. It took her a while to realize that throwing snow at the camera was fun.
I am looking forward to spending more time with Jen and Alex when it get warmer.


Baby Nate

I spent Valentine's Day with Jen and Alex in Annapolis. We had a great time relaxing and getting our baby fix. Meet Shannon's little cutie, baby Nate, who loves his dog Sandy and posing for the camera. Teddy loved baby fingers and toes and he gave Nate the giggles.


Snow Day!

The shoveling is done. Time for some play! It was a beautiful day in Windy Hills today. Sledding and snow fights for the kids and the "young at heart" and the usual tennis ball for Teddy, who had a blast climbing the snow piles.



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