Jenn's Baby

Jenn visited this morning. It was so much fun to see her before the little one comes. Keep checking back to meet her!


Edmunds Family

I photographed Eileen and Nate's family after a few years. Their little ones really grew up!
Eileen's father turned 80! Congratulations.
While the adults celebrated, the children had all kinds of fun at home, and I was there to capture it on camera!
When everyone came back, we photographed all of the families. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone.
Kelly & Austin all GROWN up!

Mia's Favorite Cousin

I am OUT of here. Catch me if you can!

All the grandchildren

Delaware Science Olympiad

I finished Student Teaching on Friday. I took part in the Delaware Science Olympiad yesterday, helping out during the Trajectory event, but mainly taking photos of the kids. HB du Pont students placed first and third! What a finish to my amazing student teaching experience.


Teddy and Tiger

The post downtime has been caused by my frantic efforts to finish my degree requirements - my student teaching and especially the portfolio. The good news is, I am almost done! I have written a book on Middle School Education: The student teaching portfolio came to over 80 pages, but it is done and ready to be handed in next week.

I have been taking photos all along so keep checking I am sure I will be posting a lot of fun images.
For now, here are a few photos of Teddy and his brother Tiger that we babysat for a few days, captured on my iPhone. They do look good, but not for long. I brushed each one for twenty minutes!


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