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The Kids

Aunt Cheryl found an interesting new spot for photos - an old cotton mill. We did the annual cousin photo shoot with all the kids and went for a walk. Their puppy Shadow is all grown up as well. We can't wait for the dogs to play once ours comes home.

Cheryl took a nice photo of me with the kids. Too bad Brian had to work and missed the whole thing. Including lunch for his birthday.

Stacie and the Little Ones

Cheryl invited her good friend Stacie and her niece and nephews to joins us for pictures and a walk. The kids were were such hams.


Visiting Chubby

I had to go visit the puppy today. His ears started to stand up a little and his head is getting lighter. He is a playful and brave little pup. Only three weeks and he will be coming home, but we are still working on a name.

How about all the stuff that a puppy needs. We are hoping to save our socks and shoes from demolition with all the chew toys.


Drew & Ryan in the Fall

Check out how fast these two boys are growing!
I can't believe it was time for our semiannual photo session again.


Our New Pup

Introducing the chubbiest puppy of them all! Yes he is the newest part of our family. The little Yorkie will be coming home in early December but we will visit often until then. His working name is Chubby but Zack is in charge of coming up with a name. So far he came up with Scooby and Chunk. Other name suggestions are welcome!

The picture comes from the breeder's site www.bellacane.com. Come back soon I will take my camera the next time.

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