Restaurant Zlata Praha in NYC

We stopped at a Czech restaurant in Astoria when we visited New York City.
The food was delicious, a little taste of home.

Photos taken with my new iPhone. Love that thing. My life is completely electronic from now on!



We spent Christmas Eve with Cheryl and the boys and the kids came over on Christmas Day. We all took Teddy out for a run in the park, his favorite thing to do.



Teddy barked at himself for 20 minutes when he found the miror!

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa has become a tradition. Lili and Maya really enjoyed telling Santa what was on their wish list. Maya wanted an airplane and Lili wanted a Barbie phone. She somehow managed to wish for what I got for her, second time this year! We all agreed it was magic.


Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Yesterday was the best day! We could bring our dogs to work. Teddy played with his brother and with Trouble.


Couch Potatoe in Training

The puppy is at home and he has a name. The boys called him Theodore. Teddy for short. He seems to like it and he looks like a little teddy bear. He is getting used to his new home quickly. The couch is his favorite spot especially when he can snuggle with us.


Lili's Dance Class

Lili danced in a piece from Swan Lake and from Cats. The performance was very cute and she has been working on it at school since September.


Schofield Family

The Schofield girls were cute again. Who said beautiful photos can't be taken outside in the winter! Catie was impressed with the snow and Lucy loved to dance fro me.


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