Bri & I

Rainy day in New York. Thank you Mike for these great photos!
Check out the studio at www.mkphoto.com

My New Camera

Mike took these photos of me dreaming of a 5D at the trade show in New York and then taking it out of it's box in Washington Square a walking around with it. You can see Jeff from Jeff Reeder Photography in the photo on the right.

It was so much fun walking around New York with a cameraagain.

Brian was dreaming too - of a really long lens!


New Yorkers

The annual trip to the Photo Expo in New York was a blast as usually. These two images are from my new Canon 5D! I love it already. I can't wait to shoot an engagement session with it today.



Stella and Katie had a blast during their picture time.

Camouflage or Not


We went to the Aquarium in Baltimore on Sunday. I can't believe a science geek like me has not discovered this awsome spot before.I am going back soon and reading all the information that I missed.

Zack brought his friend Ian and they were selected to bring down and help fold the flag on an old ship - the USS Constellation.


Lili & John Paul

John Paul and his family visited from Germany and he and Lili became friends instantly. It was so great to see them after so many years.



The kids went to the Homecoming Dance last night. They all looked so nice. I was working at a wedding, but Brian took photos of everyone and he did a really good job. His sunset photo is amazing.

To check all of the images go here

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