Tara is Married!

My friend Tara and her love Ryan tied the knot Labor Day weekend at the Congress Hall in Cape May. It was a celebration to remember! We all stayed in a great beach house and celebrated for several days.
Here is a small preview and a couple of photos from the rehearsal dinner which was held at the hip Harbor View Restaurant and Marina.
You can check the rest of the photos and the official wedding blog post on MK Photo website in a couple of weeks.


Eastern State Penitentiary

After having our family photos taken at the Penitentiary in Philadelphia, we just had to go back for more photos. I spent two hours revisiting all the spots and capturing some images for personal use. Here is a little sneak peak at my first attempt at HDR Photography.


Alex's Announcements

I was hoping Jen would let me design these. She is so crafty so I felt honored when she asked me. The card will be a 5x5 square printed on watercolor paper. I can't wait to see it!


Annapolis Weekend

I spent the weekend with Jen & Ben & Baby Alex sailing from Annapolis to St. Michaels. We had such a great time even though the wind was minimal.
Teddy got used to the boat quickly and soon had enough courage to follow me up front. Buckley is a seasoned sailor!
We anchored at St. Michaels overnight and enjoyed Pina Coladas and ice cream for dinner. Teddy was glad to visit the coolest pet store around - Flying Fred's to get hos own stuffed platypus with squeeky eggs since he stole one from Buckley and carried it all the way to the marina.
For us non-sailing people: Where do dogs go potty on a sailing trip?

Baby Alex the Sailor

Alex has been sailing since the age of three months. She spent most of the time napping. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.


Here are a few personal images from the trip. I am so happy to be taken so many personal photos this summer and getting them posted. Keep checking there will be more coming.



Teddy has not made an appearance on the Blog for a while. I have not taken many photos of him. But I found these while going through this year's family snapshots.

Last jump in his Agility Foundation Class at Wilmington Kennel Club. We moved onto bigger and better stuff in Basic Agility. He has most of the obstacles down for now.

Ocean City Engagement Session

I photographed an engagement session for Mary and Matt in Ocean City last week.
It was so much fun to be away from home turf. Make sure to check out the evening photos from the amusement park and especially the last one with the flying birds.
Just click on the names for a direct link.
Mary & Matt

ESP Portraits 2

Here are a few more photos for our portrait session with Jeff Reeder.
We had so much fun. I am a strong believer in taking awesome photos of ones family at least every couple of years. The kids change so much and grow up so quickly.


Lili's Birthday Bash

It is a tradition. Every year for Lili's birthday we go to the Phili ZOO. We decided to change it around a little and visited the Franklin Institute and an IMAG movie about underwater life.
Sadly most of the experiments in the Science for Kids sections were broken or malfunctioning. It was sad to see the kids excited and then nothing worked! Maya loved the forced air sail experiment which she used to blow her hair around instead of moving the little sail boat. Lili loved the heart model. I crawled through it twice. Too bad for being claustrophobic.

A few days later Lili had a pool party with a clown surprise. You have all heard the song Monkeys in the House by John Hatfield. He is an amazing performer and the kids absolutely adored his magic and singing.

Happy birthday Lili!


A Day in Jail

Here is a sneak preview from our family photos at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Jeff Reeder spend the afternoon making us all look cool. Thank You! There will be more coming soon.



These are from Brian's last business trip to Arizona. He wishes there was more fun and less work!.

Tedy, ALex and I

Here is the other side of the story.


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