When we Were Fairies

Here is a tiny sneak peak from a recent shoot with Katie and Stella. I can't believe how much the girls grew in just one year! I will be sharing more photos soon.


The Spaces

Randy has been Zack's best friend for years, and this is a wonderful family.


What Happens to a Yorkie When you Dont Brush His Hair

The advantage of having a dog that doesn't shed is great if one has allergies plus there is no hair all over the house. But they do require grooming! Teddy got so matted up on our sailing trip a couple of weeks ago! I couldn't do anything about it. There were even leaves and sticks from Vermont tangled up in his dreads. Well, he is all shaved and comfortable now.
He was a bit embarrassed when I picked him up at the dog spa. He had that, "Am I really naked" look on his face.


Summer Trip to Vermont

When one thinks of Vermont, images of mountains and colorful leaves come to mind. I took those as well, but I found this hidden corner in Brattleboro that had awesome graffiti.


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