Kids being kids ~ Another great lifestyle session with G +G

I had the best time photographing the boys and their friend Alex again. We skated, made forts, built paper airplanes, made tape outfits...

A set of colorful masking tape = the best gift for a creative little mind.

I feel so honored to be documenting the everyday life of these little ones. The photographs will forever capture their creative spirit.


These guys look like wolves, but they were super friendly.

The joy of accomplishment. Alex's tape dress!


Teacher Resources said...

Cute kids, Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Happiness is... said...

It's such a gift to know and to love you. Who knew that tape could look so good! I love the shots of G&G on their boards and the 3 rugrats in the fort.


Jana said...

Thank You!Tape dress is a winner for sure!


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