In honor of my grandmother....

This post is to honor my grandmother Zdena, who has been an inspiration for me my entire life. She is responsible for my "green fingers" and great cooking skills.
As her birthday passed in March and her name day approaches next week, I keep remembering all the moments we spent on her farm in a little Czech village Habrina.

When we picked way too many over ripened strawberries a few weeks ago, I immediately though of the delicious jam she used to make. I looked up recipes, but it was amazing how deep inside me, I remembered every step as I went along with the process.
She was watching over me!

Every time I weed my beautiful flower garden, every time I pick veggies from my veggie garden, every time I interact with a beast farm animal I think about her...

The photos are from summer 2007. Miss you babi.
RIP 2009


The Salty Dogs said...

Beautiful, Jana. I am celebrating today that my grandparents will soon move close to us. I will be asking you to capture us (especially Nate) with them.

Happiness is... said...

Wow, what a beautiful way of celebrating your grandmother - in thought, in photos, in gardening, and in jam. I too think of my mom every time I get dirt in my nails and across my face. She's present in my life as is your grandmother.

xo so

Nora said...
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shahanara said...

wow! your grandmother is good information to you!!


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